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■Kakinoha-zushi (sushi wrapped with a persimmon leaf) 柿の葉寿司

DSC_4975.JPGKakinoha-zushi is a pressed sushi, typically topped with a slice of mackerel, and always wrapped in kakinoha, a persimmon leaf, for a delicate flavor and enhanced preservation. This is Yoshino’s most popular, traditional food.

Cha-gayu (tea gruel) 茶がゆ

DSC_4960.JPGCha-gayu is rice porridge cooked in tea made from roasted tealeaves. It is a traditional dish, eaten by the general population of Nara Prefecture.

Sakura-ayu (ayu caught in Yoshino River) 桜鮎

DSC_4969.JPGSakura-ayu, literally “cherry blossom sweetfish”, is one of the most well-known fish caught in the Yoshino River. This is because Yoshino is famous for its cherry blossoms,and this fish has a yellow pattern on its body resembling cherry-blossom petals.

Goma-dofu (crushed sesame seeds boiled in water and chilled like tofu) ごま豆腐

DSC_4993.JPGGoma-dofu is frequently part of the strictly-vegetarian shōjin cuisine eaten at Buddhist temples. It is made from sesame seeds and Yoshinokudzu,a starch made from Yoshino arrowroot, and is also a typical local dish in Yoshino.

Kudzumochi (Japanese cakes made from kudzu starch) 葛餅

DSC_5032.JPGKudzumochi is a kind of mochi, or rice cake, made from water and Yoshinokudzu, a starch derived from Japanese arrowroot, which is a plant commonly found in Yoshino.

Yoshino-the most famous place to view cherry blossoms in Japan-is a small town which was the center of the Southern Court (1336-1392) and has a rich history with full cultural assets.