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Souvenir of Yoshino

You can purchase the following products at the Yoshino Sightseeing Information Center near Yamato-kamiichi Station.

Tesuki-washi (traditional Japanese paper) 手漉き和紙


Waribashi ( splittable wooden chopsticks) 割箸


Jizake (local sake) 地酒

DSC_5053.JPGThere are three brands of sake made in Yoshino:

Moku-seihin (wood products) 木製品

Yoshino has two famous trees, Yoshino cedar and Yoshino cypress. They are used not only in making wooden products such as building components, but also in household goods.

■Maru-shoten (Maru Co.Ltd.)
Maru Co. Ltd. produces table mats and other goods that are made of Yoshino cedar.

■Wada-kōgei (Wade Industrial Arts Shop)
Wada Industrial Arts makes elaborately designed coasters out of cedar and cypress from Yoshino. The design is known as shippō, and is seen frequently in traditional Japanese handicrafts and quilts.

■Akari-kōbō Yoshino (Yoshino Lighting Studio)
sakamoto-akari.jpgMs. Sakamoto makes Yoshino Lighting Studio makes lighting apparatuses made of Yoshino cypress.

Yoshino-the most famous place to view cherry blossoms in Japan-is a small town which was the center of the Southern Court (1336-1392) and has a rich history with full cultural assets.